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ROCKWOOL Conrock is specially developed to be used as a core component in sandwich panels. It can be obtained either in slab or in lamella form to suit the requirement of sandwich panel manufacturers.

It is suitable for outdoor and indoor applications such as façades, walls, roofs, partitions, ceilings and heavy loaded sandwich panels for e.g. extra-wide spans or applications of greater height.

Conrock S stone wool insulation slab series are designed for sandwich panel manufacturer with manufacturing line to cut the insulation boards into lamellas and automatically feed the product into the sandwich panel manufacturing line. Conrock S is available with various mechanical strength performances and thicknesses for different panel spans and designs.

Conrock L stone wool lamella insulation consists of pre-cut insulation lamella strips that are ideal for sandwich panel line processes where there is no lamella cutting facility available. Due to the precise tolerances and a flexible range of customized dimensions, Conrock L fits to manual sandwich panels production processes. We offer a flexible range of lamellas to cover your needs.


  • Fast installation and ease of handling
  • No thermal bridges and good thermal insulation properties
  • Panels can be installed horizontally or vertically
  • Reliable robust mechanical performance
  • Outstanding non-combustible and acoustic performance


Non combustible

A fire-safe core for sandwich panel constructions will not contribute to fire spread and flashover.


Properties Description Norms
Compression Strength 104 kPa - 185 kPa EN 826
Fire Performance Non-combustible /A1 Fire Classification EN13501-1
Melting Point > 1000°C ASTM E794
Thermal Conductivity 20°C λ Value (W/mK) 0.045 - 0.048 ASTM C518
Absorption (partial immersion) Less than 1.0 kg/m² EN 1609


Lamella Series

Conrock  Lamella  L10  L12.5   L15
Nominal density (kg/m3)  100  125  150
Size: L x W (mm) 1200 x 110
Thickness (mm)  23 - 150

 Slab Series

Conrock Slab  S08 S10  S12.5  S15 
Nominal density (kg/m3) 80 100 125 150
Size: L x W (mm) 1000 x 600
Thickness (mm) 26 - 160