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Cool 'n' Comfort RL

Cool ’n’ Comfort RL series is a non-combustible light weight thermal insulation solution for single skin roofing system. It is available in roll form for ease of installation over large areas and manufactured in a variety of thicknesses, with or without foil facing, suitable for thermal insulation in residential, commercial and industrial buildings.

Cool ’n’ Comfort RL series products are installed below the metal cladding sheet of a single skin roof system, held by reinforcing steel wire mesh and aluminum foil rolled over purlins.


  • Good recovery and handability
  • Simple and fast installation
  • Durable, and lasts for a lifetime of a building
  • Improve comfort with thermal insulation
  • Reduced installation costs as a result of insulation damage by water
  • Dampening the noise and vibration from external sources and rain impact noise
Cool 'n' Comfort RL


Properties Description Norms
R-value at 50mm thickness (m²K/W) 1.43 - 1.47
Thermal Conductivity 20°C λ Value (W/mK) 0.034 - 0.035 ASTM C518
Water Absorption (partial immersion (kg/m² ) 1 EN 1609
Water Vapor Absorption Less than 0.04 Vol. % ASTM C1104/C1104M
Fire Performance, Non combustibility Gross Heat of Combustion (Calorific value) A1, Non-combustible, not exceeding 3.2 MJ/kg EN13501-1 BS EN 1182 BS EN ISO 1716
Melting Point More than 1000°C ASTM E794




Product ID Product Name Thickness (mm) Width (mm) Length (mm)
238231 Cool 'n' Comfort RL930 50 1200 5000
238228 Cool 'n' Comfort RL940 50 1200 5000