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Discover how attractive your business can be

Discover how attractive your business can be

Through our comprehensive ProRox product lines, we offer a full spread of sustainable products, guaranteeing the highest possible thermal and fire safe insulation for all technical installations.

The best solutions, built on solid expertise

In addition to providing outstanding products, ROCKWOOL Technical Insulation is able to draw on in-depth expertise to ensure that end users in the petrochemicals, power generation, shipbuilding, offshore and the process industries are given the best and most advanced insulation solution. Both in the process industry as in the marine & offshore industry, our ROCKWOOL stone wool products offer the best possible protection against heat and energy loss, fire, noise and other unwanted influences. Our sales teams will be delighted to advise you in drawing up technical and project specifications.

Your highest quality is our minimum demand

All ROCKWOOL Technical Insulation solutions within our two product families, ProRox and SeaRox, meet the most stringent quality and safety standards. All products and constructions have been tested according to the latest regulations and approved by all major classification societies. As an innovation-driven company we demand excellence. In every segment we keep searching for new systems, methods and solutions. We endeavour to develop ever more efficient products and to constantly optimise production processes and processing technologies.

Up-to-date information? Wherever, whenever? We can help!

As a highly skilled professional you are always looking for the best possible end result. The quickest way to achieve that is with ROCKWOOL Technical Insulation premium products and the detailed information that comes with them, which always incorporates the latest technical findings. That’s why you should always check that the information you have is up to- date. If you have any questions about specific application issues, working methods or product properties, please contact our sales organisation.