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ProRox GR 903

ProRox GR 903 is a stone wool granulate with no additives.


The granulate is especially suitable for the thermal insulation of cold boxes and air separation plants.


ProRox GR 903 Granulated Loose fill complies with the requirements as set by the Linde specification (Linde quality) and AGI Q 118. Insulation work for refrigeration on industrial installations; air separation plants.

Installation guidelines

The guidelines for the use of granulate wool in cold applications are given in the AGI Q 118 standard. These guidelines are available on request.

ProRox GR 903


Properties Description Norms
Reaction to fire EuroClass A1 EN13501-1
Reaction to fire Surface burning characteristics, Flame spread = Passed, Smoke development = Passed ASTM E84
AS quality Chloride content < 10 ppm EN 13468
Water leachable chloride content Conforms to the stainless steel corrosion specification, as per ASTM test methods C 692 and C 871, < 10 mg/kg (ph-value neutral to slightly alkaline) ASTM C795


Thermal Conductivity

T (°C)  20  -20 -60 -100 -140 -180  Norm 
λ (W/mk)  0.039 0.033 0.027  0.022  0.018  0.015  EN 12667