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ProRox LF 970

ProRox LF 970 is a lightly bonded impregnated stone wool mat.


This product is especially suitable for thermal insulation and acoustic insulation of joints and irregularly formed constructions.


ProRox LF 970 complies with the requirement as set by CINI 2.2.04.

ProRox LF 970


Properties Description Norms
Max Service Temperature 680°C EN 14706/ASTM C411
Reaction to Fire EuroClass A1 EN13501-1
Reaction to Fire Surface burning characteristic; Flame spread = Passed, Smoke development = Passed ASTM E84
Water absorption Less than 1kg/m² EN 1609
AS quality Chloride content < 10 ppm EN 13468
(Water leachable chloride content) Conforms to the stainless steel corrosion specification as per ASTM test methods C 692 and C 871 < 10 mg/kg (ph-value neutral to slightly alkaline) ASTM C871
Water vapour diffusion resistance μ = 1 EN 12086

Thermal Conductivity

Mean Temperature  (°C ) 50 100 150 200 250 300 Norms
λ(W/mK) 0.040 0.049 0.057 0.067 0.075 0.091 EN 12667