Passive Fire Protection

ROCKWOOL stone wool does not burn and cannot contribute as fuel for fires.

To Insulation Applications

In the event of a fire, our stone wool insulation helps protect lives and investments.

ROCKWOOL stone wool does not produce dangerous toxic smoke, protects the building’s load-bearing structure and helps to slow down the spread of the flames so occupants have more time to escape.

Curtain wall safing with ROCKWOOL insulation helps to prevent smoke and fire spreading from floor to floor.

Rocksafe Plus for Curtain Wall Safing

Rocksafe Plus products are developed to be used as a fire protection to curtain wall applications. The key application is in sealing of any openings in non-visible areas such as those between the curtain wall and the perimeter edge of the floor slab. This can prevent fire spread and maintained the fire compartment on each floor of the building in an event of fire.

Rocksafe Plus has been subjected to fire resistance test in accordance to BS476 Part 20 in accredited laboratory and achieved two hours fire rating, meeting the integrity and insulation criteria. In this fire test, Rocksafe Plus of 135mm thickness have been compressed to at least 15% of its total width and fitted into the various openings of the concrete floor slab. 

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