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A well insulated flat roof reduces noise and heat coming from outside, giving users a quieter living and working environment while reducing energy used for cooling.

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A flat roof is a roof which is almost level, sometimes defined as  less than 10 degrees pitch to the horizontal.

Due to its low thermal conductivity, ROCKWOOL insulation reduces the energy consumption and CO2 emissions of buildings. It provides effective sound insulation in a variety of designs and actively contributes to passive  fire protection with a melting point of more than 1000 ° C (Euroclass A1, non-combustible).

ROCKWOOL insulation also offers high resistance to compression to facilitate foot traffic and equipment on roof.

Large industrial, infrastructure and commercial buildings such as warehouses, manufacturing plants, airports and shopping centres uses flat roof. It can be a much more economical solution compared to pitched roof and flat roofs offer the advantage for installation of air conditioning, ventilation equipment and solar cells above the roof. As with any roof, the main function of a flat roof is to provide a watertight cover, reducing external heat transfer and noise for the building.


FlatRoof Lite insulation system offers a cost effective solution to membrane roofs. It meets basic requirement for thermal, acoustic and fire protection. RoofRock 30 roofing board with the compression resistance of 30kPa is introduced as the bottom layer of the system with the superior mechanical strength of HardRock 60 roofing insulation board, employed at the top layer to provide the stability for the overall system. FlatRoof Lite is FM approved using the combination of HardRock and RoofRock series of products.

ROCKWOOL FlatRoof Plus insulation system provides superior mechanical strength to meet all challenges on the roof. The 60kPa roofing boards provide resistance to foot traffic during periodic roof maintenance. With ROCKWOOL state-of-the-art technology, HardRock 60 roofing boards delivers the combination of mechanical strength, lighter weight and resistance to fire. When tested to EN 1606, FlaRoof Plus can withstand a permanent load of 3kPa.

FlatRoof Pro insulation system provides an unsurpassed performance over a range of parameters. The fully tested system provides excellent acoustic performance due to the higher mass and damping ability of the boards. This roofing system is proven with excellent track records in Asia. When tested to EN 1606, FlatRoof Pro can withstand a permanent load of 4kPa.


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ROCKWOOL insulation provides an effective damping of sound resonance within twin skin of a metal deck system. which is ideal for building required high acoustic performance such as airports, convention centres and educational institutions.

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The high thermal mass of the concrete roof deck provides excellent thermal properties to keep the interior temperature stable and comfortable. Furthermore, ROCKWOOL insulation used in the roof system is dimensionally stable and will not be affected by the variation of temperature over time.

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ROCKWOOL insulation with mechanically fixed single-ply roofing membrane system on metal deck, enhances the overall performance of the membrane roof system in fire, thermal and acoustics and producing a durable and energy efficient roofing system.

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