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The drywall partition separates different rooms or compartments from each other and helps close out unwanted sound and creates privacy.

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With construction technology moving towards fast pace and light weight construction, drywall partition has been widely adopted across residential, commercial, industrial and warehouse buildings. Besides the lightweight construction, drywall partition is versatile in creating interior spaces while enabling high building performances in thermal, acoustic and fire properties.


Tired of unwanted noise? Wishing for a good night sleep?

Sound travels easily, so it is critical to insulate gaps, joints or penetrations in the constructions. Dry wall partition with stone wool insulation provides effective sound barrier to block noise from room to room, therefore ensuring a quiet and peaceful environment for a good night’s rest.

Fires today develop more than 5 times faster than 50 years ago due to various factors which included the use of synthetic materials in our buildings such as furniture and electrical appliances. It now can take as little as 3 minutes from ignition until the entire room is on fire.

ROCKWOOL stone wool insulation is non-combustible and will not feed or spread the fire, therefore improving the fire ratings for the drywall partition system.

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Stone wool insulation provides multiple benefits, it is also a non-combustible insulation material, it will not contribute to the spread of fire.


To provide good performances to the drywall partition such as noise reduction, maintaining room temperature and fire properties, non-combustible stone wool insulation is employed inside the cavity of the wall system. Safe ’n' Silent Pro range of stone wool insulation provides the ideal solution as it is designed to give a perfect fit within the wall frames. Drywall partition with Safe ’n’ Silent Pro  is fast and easy to install, helping to reduce the time taken and labor needed for installation work, hence increasing overall speed of construction.


Safe ’n’ Silent Pro is non-combustible and achieves the highest European fire classification, A1, according to EN13501-1. Therefore it is able to meet building code requirements in South Asian countries requiring drywall insulation to be non-combustible; providing a fire safe environment for buildings and its occupants.


Safe ’n’ Silent Pro is both water repellent and moisture resistant (tested under EN1609). The product repels water even when exposed to temporary splashing of rain water at construction site and still able to maintain its shape over time; thereby delivering maximum noise and fire protection.

This higher density material provides superior sag resistance and fit. It can be easily cut and trimmed for the best possible fit into the partition wall cavity, assuring there will be no gaps that may compromise the performance of the system.


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