RT60 Calculator


Reverberant sound, also known as echo, in an interior space will fade away with time as the sound energy is absorbed multiple times and reflected within the surfaces of the room itself. If the surfaces of the room are made of hard and none absorptive materials, it takes longer for the echo to die off, thereby causing disturbance to the occupants, reducing speech intelligibility and affecting concentration.

Reverberation time of RT60 is defined as the time needed for the sound to reduce by 60dB from its original sound level. It is then calculated and modelled through the usage of absorptive materials in the interior space. In room acoustics, it is important to have a good reverberation time to ensure the activities of its occupants are not impaired or affected.

The RT60 Calculator developed by ROCKWOOL Asia aims to provide you with a way to estimate the acoustic delay value (echo) and thereby help improve your room acoustics.

ROCKWOOL Safe 'n' Silent when coupled with thin or perforated surfaces is a good sound absorber that performs well to reduce unwanted noise; thus lowering the reverberation time and providing a comfortable and clear speech intelligibility to the occupants in the room.

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